Top 10 Bathroom Trends for 2023

A white bathroom counter with a sink, plant, and towels in El Paso.
May 17, 2023

Home remodel trends are constantly changing from year to year, especially bathroom trends. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, there are many different design and layout ideas that should be considered. We will go over the top 10 bathroom trends for 2023.

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Get With The Trends!

If it’s been a while since you upgraded your bathroom, you may not know the current trends for bathroom renovations. Before you give your El Paso bathroom contractors a call, take a look at this list to see what you might be interested in.


Eye-Catching Accents- Geometric shapes, bold colors, and interesting accessories are a great way to give your bathroom a personal touch. 

Decorating with Sustainability- Environmentally friendly resources like energy-efficient water heaters, automatic bath ventilation, and electric radiant heat flooring are a great way to make your bathroom look nice while keeping your wallet in shape. 

Natural Wood- There has been a rise in demand for natural wood products in bathrooms in the past two years. The wooden appeal of cabinets and shelves pairs nicely with the growing desire to have a modern organic style in homes. 

Spa Vibes- Steam or waterfall showers have become increasingly popular to encourage relaxation and serenity in your bathroom in recent years. Natural or dimmable lighting is also recommended to enhance your peace of mind. 

Say Goodbye to Oversized Tubs- Removing your barely used, oversized bathtub would allow for more floor space to expand your shower or install a linen closet. 

Walk-In Showers- Shower upgrades have gotten increasingly popular in recent years, with homeowners requesting showers big enough for two people, shower seats, and multiple shower heads. 

Lighter Tones- An all-white tone is starting to become bland. Paints like cream colors and warmer woods have been the go-to in recent bathroom remodels. 

Decorative Lights- Beautiful and decorative lights can bring a soothing atmosphere to your bathroom. 

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles!- You can do a lot of different designs with tiles. Whether they are installed on the walls, the floors, or the shower walls, they can be completely designable to fit your taste. 

Stone Showers- Not only are stone showers a wonderful sight on the eyes, but they are also incredibly easy to clean. 


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