Home Additions in El Paso

Renovate Your Home in Style

Why build a new addition to your home? Perhaps you are welcoming a new family member and need a comfortable, safe new space for the little one. Or maybe you want to add a dash of personality and flavor to a previously ordinary indoor space. You may also want to increase the natural light coming into your home by adding a bay window, seating area, day bed, or solarium.

The potential for El Paso home additions is limitless, and our remodeling contractors in El Paso County can build almost any custom home addition to fit your specific desires and home aesthetic to maximize that potential (as well as your property value).

If you want to add a new space to your home, but aren’t sure who or where to turn, then ROI Home Remodeling is here to guide you every step of the way. When you choose our home additions in El Paso County, you aren’t just getting someone to handle a new room addition — we can handle so much more! Our home renovation services include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and more!

Call our remodeling contractors today at (915) 615-7642 or contact us online to get started on your new El Paso home additions!

Family Room Home Addition

Every homeowner has visions of what they want their home to look like if they had unlimited resources and time to make it happen. While you may not be able to transform your home into a posh Southwestern mansion, you can still use your El Paso home additions to make a noticeable impact! We’ll take your home addition ideas and transform them into a beautifully built reality that helps you better manage your busy life.

As your family grows, home additions for a family room allow you to accommodate your evolving needs and give your house the room it needs to grow. We allow you to add the necessary space to create unique attached space that will add utility and functionality while increasing your home’s value. Our remodeling contractors in El Paso County can make your dream home a reality before your eyes!

Second-Story Additions

When you need experienced contractors for home additions, you want to find a company with experience working on more intricate home addition ideas. A second-story addition presents unique challenges that require an experienced hand leading the way to ensure every part of the home renovation project meets your expectations and stringent building codes.

Our contractors for El Paso home additions work with each client to ensure their home is ready for expansion and has the infrastructure to support it. We ensure the smallest details receive proper attention and your second floor is ready to welcome the new functionality with open arms.

Attached and Detached Additions

Homeowners are always on the hunt for new ways to expand their homes and increase their overall value. Whether they’re looking to make an attached or detached home addition, you want to get the right team for the job. Each style presents unique challenges for the building team, and if you get someone that only specializes in one or the other, you may not have the right support for the project. Our remodeling contractors have worked with a wide range of homeowners on all sorts of home additions in El Paso County and brought each project to life as they envisioned it.

We can make the attached home addition that gives your growing family a space to have your kids grow up in a comfortable environment. Or we can create a detached home addition that gives your family more space for daily activities without feeling cluttered or cramped. We ensure that these room addition projects receive the care and attention they deserve and won’t come back to give you a headache down the line.

Why Choose Our Remodeling Contractors

Here at ROI Home Remodeling, we understand that renovations can be stressful, especially if it means knocking down a wall or two. Many clients begin the process feeling as though so much can go wrong and can cost them more money than they can afford. But with the right remodeling contractors in El Paso, we can transform your Southwest home into a spacious showstopper right out of a magazine.

Our experts for El Paso home additions will help you every step of the way, taking on the hassles and headaches while keeping you stress-free and informed on every milestone we make during the project. And with quality materials, equipment, and service costs available at a lower cost found nowhere else, you can expect only the best as an ROI Home Remodeling customer.

Breathe Renewed Life in a Home Addition with ROI Home Remodeling

Getting a custom home addition for your property can help give you and your family the space you desperately need to feel like you aren’t stepping over each other all the time. Create a new room for the latest addition, a new workshop, or even a brand new family room to provide everyone with another functional space. Our experienced contractors work with our clients to bring their vision for a fully functional home to life and give their total property value a boost while we’re at it.

When you need a remodeling contractor in El Paso County for your home additions, there’s only one name you should count on — ROI Home Remodeling. Our team has worked with homeowners throughout the area, bringing their unique plans and visions to life exactly as they saw them. 

Learn more about what we can do for your El Paso home additions by contacting us online or at (915) 615-7642 today!

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