How Contractors Can Increase Home Value

An El Paso home with white interior walls undergoing a remodel.
January 23, 2024

Are you looking into remodeling your El Paso home to increase its value but aren’t sure where to start? A remodeling contractor can help you with designs and additions that can increase your ROI. 

At ROI Home Remodeling, our El Paso remodeling contractors are the experts in all things home improvement. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, our crew can help. If you’re interested in a free consultation, give us a call at (915) 615-7642 or contact us online today!

Designs That Bring Value

Home buyers like hearing that a house was recently remodeled because then it has the feel of a brand-new home. We understand that going down the path of renovating can be stressful when you’re not sure what people are looking for; this is where remodeling contractors in El Paso can come to the rescue. Read below for a list of ways to increase your home’s value with the help of a contractor. 

  • Declutter the Interior- An easy task to start with is decluttering your home. Believe it or not, cleaning and decluttering the design of the interior can increase the value of your home. 
  • Increase the Square Footage- Add usable space to limited areas. Adding another bedroom or even increasing the size of the kitchen with the help of an El Paso remodeling contractor could give you a nice ROI.
  • Make it Energy-Efficient- Replacing old/leaking windows, adding insulation, installing a smart thermostat, and swapping out appliances for more energy-efficient ones with the help of a remodeling contractor in El Paso can increase your home’s value. 
  • Consider Repainting- Even if your home is dated, adding a fresh coat of paint can make it look brand new. Or if one of the rooms has an unfavorable color on the walls, consider starting with that one. 
  • Upgrade the Exterior Doors- The front door is the first thing a home buyer will interact with when looking at your home. Therefore, it should be eye-catching and inviting. If your door isn’t something worth looking at, consider upgrading to a nice wooden finish. 
  • Redo the Kitchen- Everyone loves a new kitchen. Upgrading your kitchen or even remodeling small portions of it can give you a nice ROI. 

Remodeling Contractors in El Paso

ROI Home Remodeling, located in El Paso, has expert remodeling contractors who specialize in bathrooms, kitchens, and additions in home improvement. If you’re looking to increase the resale value of your home, we can help. Call (915) 615-7642 today for a free consultation.

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