Media Room Remodeling Company in El Paso County

You’ve been thinking about it for months, maybe even years. The family room has become noisy and cluttered. Your living room is no longer the tranquil gathering place you envisioned when you first moved into your home. The TV is always on. The kids have taken over, and finding some much-needed peace and quiet for yourself is getting harder and harder.

It might be time to finally build that new media room. ROI Home Remodeling — the top media room remodeling company in El Paso County — is here to help!


ROI’s expertly designed media rooms are the perfect hangout place and entertainment center for kids and adults. This type of space in your home adds value to your property while freeing up your living/family room to become the formal gathering place or restful sanctuary as intended.

Our home theater builders have helped countless customers transform their underused spaces into fully functional and interactive home theater experiences. Our home theater room remodel services create a unique space for you and your family to take movie night to the next level, bringing the experience of a night at the movies to your home without the hassle.

Our home media room remodeling company in El Paso County does more than just breathe new life into your custom media rooms — we can give your entire home a boost! Our additional home remodeling services include the following:

Expert Home Theater Contractors

Other media room companies may promise that they can help transform your unused room into a multimedia experience; however, we have a proven track record of making every media room installation go off without a hitch. We have worked with homes of all different shapes and sizes to build the best custom media room for your space. Whether you want to develop one from the ground up or completely redo an existing room, our home theater contractors have you covered.

New Media Room Remodel

When you pick from countless media room companies to create your space, you want to get a team that can take an existing room or concept and bring it to the next level. Your next custom media room installation or remodel needs to be carefully handled, and our expertly trained contractors can get the job done.

We’ll give your home the new, interconnected, and gorgeous hangout space you’ve always wanted. A room where you and the kids can come together to enjoy TV as a family, have a raucous game night, or have a quiet evening watching your favorite movies without worrying about arguing over who gets the best seat in the house.

Home Movie Theater Remodel

If you’ve tried to DIY a home theater room remodel in the past and the results didn’t meet your expectations, it’s not something you should be ashamed of. Building such a space often requires the experienced hand of experienced home theater builders that have created unique spaces for homes throughout El Paso County. Our home movie theater company can liven up your area in no time.

Our media room remodeling company in El Paso County has extensive experience working with our clients to bring their unique vision to life exactly how they envisioned it. We strive to give our clients their idealized space with every home theater room remodel and provide them with the home they deserve.

Living Room Renovation

Sometimes you don’t have the space for an independent multimedia room. However, that doesn’t mean our media room remodeling company in El Paso County can’t be of service! We can take the same principles we apply to your next living room renovation project. We’ll transform your cluttered space into something your entire family can enjoy without feeling like you’re on top of everyone.

Trust ROI Home Remodeling With Your Next Living Room and Home Theater Remodel

When you need the best media room remodeling company in El Paso County, there’s only one name you should turn to — ROI Home Remodeling! Since 2015, our home movie theater company has helped our clients bring the vision for their home theater rooms to life in exquisite detail and ensured they have a fully-functional space they can be proud of. Contact us to get your free quote and schedule the first phase of your project today!

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